New category for Librem 5 developement


I’m trying to compile the libhandy example in order to make one of my software more homogenous with the Librem5, but I faced many problems (now solved)

So I went to the forum hoping to find a developer section, but the most close catergory for me would be ‘Dev Kits’, which is not really appropriate

Whatever language you are using, you will sometime be stuck with a specific problem about how to interact with hardware or libhandy, or finding inadvertently bugs, or other gnu/linux phone developement related topics

I was thinking : Would it not be interesting to have a developement category for the discussion about developement on Librem 5 ? (which would include the already existing one ‘Dev Kits’)

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Perhaps the PureOS topic would work best, as our goal is full integration between desktop and mobile environments instead of having fragmentation between the two.

Developing for the Librem 5, ideally, should be the same as developing for a Librem laptop (as this post demonstrates), with the extra consideration (which all desktop applications should have now anyway) for being adaptive.

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Ok, I hear you about convergence

In that case, maybe a developement section under the PureOs category
Well, or not, I don’t know I was just throwing the idea, maybe there is not enough topic of that kind to start a specific category

I would personally love that category but I’m not sure wether there aren’t better suited forums / online services for that. :thinking:

Personally I think the Matrix channel does a better job than the forum would. Forums tend to include a lot of chatter.

A subcategory I think does make a lot sense. I’ll discuss it with the team and thanks for the idea!

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Just to be sure: You know there is a developer area located at , do you? There is a getting in touch section with mailing lists and matrix chats.

That does not mean that a deveper section in this forum couldn’t be useful.

Those are two very different kind of means of communications, which are very complementary
Forums don’t have the constraints Matrix has, and wherever you are at any hours, the answers already provided can be found much faster with less constraints

@Kyle_Rankin you could also think about re-purposing the DevKit category (rename to Development or something).
It has only been used for 16 topics so far, and future development questions will often apply to many Librem devices, not just the DevKits.

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Very subjective. But it doesn’t matter. If Purism thinks it would be a good idea then great.