New EARN-IT act

So they’re trying this again.

They just need to get ahold of Epstein/Maxwell’s little black book. Actually they probably already have it.

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The feds should start with Microsoft’s BING and GOOGLE. Both provided links, thumbnails, and even suggested various types of child pornography (CP) aka a lot of labels that water down the seriousness.

The New York Times discovered that either or both have the ability to use their “image DNA” scanning tools to scrub the 'Net of such stuff, relay to police the site owners details, and track images and videos with a embedded code.

Bing changed it’s search algorithm as did Google. But that’s as far as they would go. Neither stopped anything except stopped people from using specific search terms. It’s possible they are using their Image-DND to help police track people that support, search, view, download and/or share CP material.

It started here at How-to Geeks
The BBC caught wind of it (story here) But the BBC is clearly more interested in fighting antisemitism than CP.
The New York Times wanted to show how it’s done - story is here. (They only let you read ONCE, then must pre-pay a year and doesn’t say country currency is)
Bing’s sordid story is here. Bing tried to re-focus the issue on what search term was used (gril), and blamed it on the visitor, not how Bing makes sordid suggestions.

The police are busting a lot of drug dealers on the ‘Dark or Deep Web’ (pick Ur flavour), but very few other criminals, especially those that sell/trade/share/donate CP, so maybe it’s time the police went through Bing and Googles modus operandi.

When I suggested a serious look-see at both leading search engines, I was told that very few want to go down that rabbit hole …“because the topic is too icky.”

Our intelligent specie way of caring about children,