New ISO for Byzantium

Will there be a new ISO for Byzantium in the near futur?

Yes, working on it as we speak. You can find the most recent ISO builds here: The ISOs and other files there are from November 2020.


once i see a newer than 2020 november build of PureOS 10 Byzantium with GNOME i’ll be on it like white on rice …

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That is good to hear.

I used the ISO from November 2020 without problems and updated it regularly. The last update ruined my installation. I newly installed byzantium/KDE/plasma. There were about 650 packages to update. About 550 of those I could update without problems, but in the last 100 there was a package or more, which ruined my installation.
Byzantium Gnome works fine, but I do not like it. So I installed KDE Neon on my second ssd, which works without problems. But I hope, I can return to purism sonn.