New L14 for sale $1000

Hi all,

I’m selling a New, never used L14.

8 gig of ram, 250gig SSD

Basic hardware, except for the storage drive. I’ve install a new Crucial P2 250GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD. PureOS 10 OEM has been installed. So, it’s ready for a new owner, just have to go through the normal user setup.

This is a replacement unit for a RMA on a defective L14. This laptop has never been used. Free shipping. I will ship to the continental United States only.

The serial serial number is L1421450066, warranty is valid until June the 8th 2022.

I’ve put some pictures on my google drive, feel free to take a look.

What does that mean?

It means that the L14 that I’m selling is not the original L14 I bought. This L14 is brand new, a replacement Purism sent me because mine was defective.

I am interested. Does it have Byzantium installed?

Yes, I used a OEM installer, which is the one that Purism uses. When you boot, it will allow you to create the user and such. Just like a new one would. I put a new NVME SSD in it because I had too much stuff on the one I had been using.

This laptop is now selling on ebay.



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