New L5 Issues re: SMS and Dropped Calls (T-Mobile user)

I’ve reached out to support already, but I wanted to see if this is an issue affecting any other users, maybe other T-Mobile users.

Starting today, I’ve not been able to receive text messages. I can send them out, but I don’t seem to receive them now. I’ve verified with T-Mobile that my account is good and there are no obvious issues on their end or with my phone settings.

Second, I’ve had my calls drop when another caller tries to reach me. I don’t remember that ever being an issue.

Anyone else experiencing this? I wanted to rule out a potential regression in recent package updates.

Thanks in advance!

IIRC there should be something to find [in this forum, by searching] with “sms stuck”.

I had this happen with AT&T recently, support said they’d send me a modem that works with AT&T. Not sure yet if they’re doing something special with the BM818-A1 modem they’re sending me or if it’s just a replacement of the same model I already have and a hope that it will resolve the issue.

Took a few days of back and forth with support plus a weekend of silence. It’s really frustrating how slow support is for something as urgent as inability to use basic phone functionality that was working before…

Hopefully your support case goes a bit faster and hopefully the solution works long term.

Here is a topic from a while ago about issues I faced.

I haven’t faced this issue in the past couple of months, though, but I don’t know exactly why:

Thanks for the pointer! Clearing the stuck list has brought in a couple of messages from yesterday. We’ll see what else filters in, but at least I know that’s an option. Pretty annoying if I need to do that frequently.

I’d be interested in how your issues are resolved with the new modem. I am on the Rogers network here in Canada and my modem has difficulty even registering on the network and I know Rogers is a roaming partner with AT&T so they would both have similar network architectures. Support seems to be stumped in my case, they thought it might be an antenna issue but I disassembled my phone and at least the one antenna cable I can see is firmly attached to the PCB so I think there is a deeper issue going on with the modem.

When you scan for networks in mobile settings does your phone timeout and not show you the available networks? Just curious.