New laptop computer, lost password already

I purchased a new Librem 14, did set up and could not figure out password a week later when I next used it. Customer support told me to insert USB and re-install, but I cannot get to the re-install screen. I realize I am making a dumb error but do not know what it is.

I’m guessing the reason you aren’t seeing the reinstall screen is that your BIOS boot order didn’t make it to the USB. Did it boot the already installed system on the Hard Drive? If so, you’ll need to enter the BIOS and change the boot order or perhaps force boot from the USB one time (if possible). I don’t have a Librem 14, so I can’t tell you the exact details about how to accomplish that. But if this is your issue, you might be able to find relevant info now that you know what you need to do.


From the fact that you have posted this in the “Librem Key” category, are we to infer that you are using the Pureboot firmware rather than the Coreboot firmware?

Regardless, is the password referred to here … the LUKS (disk encryption) password or a PIN or a login password or something else?

As a brand new Librem 14 it may be best to contact Purism support directly ( and get them to walk you through it.

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