New Laptop for PureOS

Question: What newer Laptops are people installing PureOS on (successfully!)

Backstory and goals,
Recently I tried to install PureOS and a newer, non powerful Dell and it would not boot, Installed PopOS with no issues on the same hardware… So Now we have decided to buy a new Laptop with the hopes of having PureOS and also duel boot Windows (do to the user wants to use Quicken) I did try to export the quicken file and import to something that is for Linux… all Failed and had mixed up numbers


The current version of PureOS is based on Debian Stretch, which is their old-stable release. There is a new version of PureOS in the works based on the current stable release of Debian, but it’s unclear when that will be ready.

Being largely Debian under the hood, means that anything Debian can install nicely on should also hold true for PureOS. Debian has a list of known compatible hardware, which should make for a useful starting point in your search. There is undoubtedly more hardware that will work than what is listed, but this is the safest route.

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PureOS 9 is already based on Debian 10 “buster”, the current stable Debian release. We’re currently working on offering a PureOS “Rolling” release based on Debian Testing for those wanting a more up to date experience.


Excellent, I will poke around based on the Debian Stretch. Thanks

Ok… Buster not Stretch. Thanks

hello and welcome !

pureOS is best installed on open-hardware like the librem laptops or other FSF (free-software-foundation) RYF (respect-your-freedom) certified devices that do NOT require non-free-firmware installed on bare-metal-host-hardware in order to boot, install and succesfully operate an OS.

the official Debian 10 stable (codename “Buster” after one of the characters from “Toy Story” animation franchise created by Pixar) has the same issue as pureOS in that it is free-software and does not include by default in the instalation the non-free-firmware required for some proprietary-drivers in the linux-kernel to function. you need the other iso with the non-free-firmware included for the more weird-hardware out there.

see here >

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I’m also looking for the same answers as the OP. Would I be better off spending my dollars on a new Librem 15 or would be be all set using say a Libreboot X200? (I did read there is some annoyance with installing PureOS but that it’s doable).

Right now I’m running PureOS on an Alienware 13 R1 without any issues so far. I did have to install non-free firmware for the WiFi but that’s it. Nothing but the usual issues with linux and this laptop not playing nice together when it comes to suspending when the lid is closed.

then you are running a NotSoPureOS :wink:

True enough! But I didn’t have much choice. I wanted to try it out on something other then my desktop which I mostly use for gaming these days. Try as I might, I cannot get games to run at all as smoothly on linux despite what people say lately.

This laptop isn’t that good for PureOS due to having a dedicated GPU and such, but I am enjoying it. I’ve messed around with Arch and Ubuntu based distros but Debian is new to me. I’m actually considering selling my desktop and this Alienware to fund a Librem 15 or other similar rig for linux and since I already fund Purism with Librem One (Tunnel has been used by me daily for some time now!) and plan on getting a Librem 5 I figure I should spend my money within Purism if it’s worth it.

it IS worth it but you have to decide that for yourself … from my own experience gaming can take precious time from your life and it’s effing expensive …

gaming can take precious time from your life

HA! I’m 25 and only just starting to get tired of it. Gaming these days is boring and I feel like I’ve already played all the good stuff. It’s part of whats pushing me over to linux and even laptops with no GPU.

Anyway people do seem to be saying the Librems are well made, but scanning the forum it appears there are still some suspend issues. Although I have similar issues on pretty much any distro I try and this particular laptop with suspend as well. I just want to make sure that the Librem 15 is what I want vs something from System76, StarLabs etc.

there are things to be ironed out that’s for sure and as long as people buy them they will get fixed - slowly but surely.