New Laptop Lot's of Issues

I bought a Purism Laptop to use with Qubes OS. I’m using the Librem 15. First issue, which was undeniably bad manufacturing, was the laptop shipped with 5 screws completely stripped. . I had to use a reverse drill bit specialized for laptop screws just to get them out. One screw I couldn’t even get out, and just had to drill the head off. So immediately my impressions of this $1600 laptop are bad. Ignoring that, I tried to give it more of a chance. I realize this company specializes in security and open source all the way through the hardware.

I installed Qubes, a few issues, so it did not work out of the box. Eventually got it working fine. A day into it’s use, the trackpad is no longer recognized as connected. Is this a normal quality for a Purism laptop? I’m very disappointed.

Absolutely not, my librem worked fine out of the on both ubuntu and pureos (have not tried qube) have you sent an email to purism yet?

Why didn’t you directly return it? I wouldn’t have accepted a new system to look that way.

As for mine (Librem 13 v3): It came absolutely marvelous. Service and support also were great and fast. To cut long story short: I’m really happy i bought this laptop.

Because I bought it under alias, shipping alias, and with BTC that was mixed.