New Librem 13 - Login impossible (over and over again)

Hi all, received my new Librem 13, so far really happy with it. It used to work for 2 days. Now i didn’t only suspend it, but had to restart completely (so far no hard-reboots, always clean shutting down).

On startup it’ll stop showing me “PureOS” in the middle of the screen forever (it doesn’t move to the login-screen itself).

Once i’ll use CTRL+ALT+DEL the login screen appears. On giving my credentials it’ll blink quickly (showing some scripting in the left upper corner - to short to read anything) just to come up with the empty login screen again and again.

I’m not very familiar with linux as i’m coming from the windows-world. Perhaps anybody can give me a hint on how to fix that issue?

Thanks in advance

Update: After another restart i get new error-messages. Left upper corner scripting telling me, that firmware failed to load for i915/skl_dmc_verl_27 (looks like Intel graphics). Followed by “Stopping User Manager for UID” xxx.

Re-installed the whole bunch. Problem solved this way - although i don’t know why it happened in the first place.

What i realized on the way: I didn’t have the chance to setup disk encryption on first install (oem) when laptop was delivered.

There still seem to be several entries stating that firmware can’t be found.

Just to have it mentioned: You’ve got quite a bit of informations like installation guides and so on in your, but it’s not to easy to find those infos. Might be worth giving the idea a thought to make those informations more obvious on your website under “support”.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, you really do have a point. I’ll see what can we do about this.