New Librem 14, new Qubes install, more USB devices than are plugged into usb ports?

Hello fine people. I have a new Librem 14 and have installed Qubes 4.0 on it. Everything seems to be going great with my setup except that sometimes in the “Qubes Devices” icon on the top right of the desktop environment (USB stick icon) there are more USB devices listed than I have plugged into USB ports. And other times it will only show the microphone, the camera, and wifi card. (What you would expect)

When it shows more than what I would expect there to be, it lists “sys-usb:sda - STORAGE DEVICE ()” and also “sys-usb:3-6 Generic_USB3.0_Card_Reader_000000001532” on top of my usual, expected USB devices.

Also now I cannot get it to NOT show the extra devices when I boot the system. I’ve tried rebooting and also shutting down and turning it back on, and it won’t go away now. Is this somehow normal? Is this some type of problem? I’ve never experienced this before on my few years of Qubes use on my other laptop. Any insight would be much appreciated!

It’s likely the micro SD card reader showing up as a USB device.

because it is a USB device

Ok so it sounds like this is somewhat normal. So no cause for concern as sometimes these devices show up and sometimes they dont? Ive just never seen this before on qubes and it concerned me.