New Librem 15 for a month and a half


My new Librem 15 arrived about a month ago and I can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic so far. The machine itself is quite powerful but it’s seems rather delicate. I have specifically not altered a lot on the system, although I did tweak other systems (all Debian bases) quite heavily in the past. This said, here is what I have done and how the system reacted.
Before any changes where made, actually on the very first day I noticed when I walk around with the laptop and hold in between dumb and fingers next to the touchpad on the right the system freezes. This can only mean the hardware isn’t solidly encased, this shouldn’t happen for a laptop of this price.

I have a German keyboard layout and not all the keys with the Fn key are functional.

Since PureBrowser doesn’t support any useful add ons and isn’t really recognized by a lot of browser specific sites, I added the Debian packages to get Iceweasel. Since then I have to unlock my harddisk twice. Once in a terminal screen, and a second time in the PureOs gui with the little padlock.

I was going to let this slip but now I have noticed the laptop spontaneously reboots if I pull out the power adapter plug. If I would have bought this machine in a store, they would have seen me quite soon. But since I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s not that easy.

How can you assist me with these matters?


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Honestly I would contact Purism directly through their support channels (email/phone). This is a community discussion area and while someone might have a useful suggestion for you, you will not get very fast official support here.

I have a Librem 13v3 I got about 3 months ago and have had no real problems like you describe. I’m also in Germany. It sounds like something isn’t seated right internally on yours.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will try that.