New Librem 15 Screen Cover/Protector

Good Afternoon,
I just received my new Librem 15. I wanted to inquire if there is a screen “protector” on the screen and is it removeable.

If so, how does one remove it? There are not any edges I can see that would be a tab.

Any insight will be fantastically helpful

Thank you.

I have another question. I am booting this thing up and it’s asking for a password. Shame no directions of any kind cake with this 2000 dollar laptop. Cana tone in the forums help me out?

Thank you

Okay…let me start off by apologizing. I set this particular password up while initally setting up.
My bad! :slight_smile:

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There is a kind-of thick plastic film that can be difficult to remove. Just try to get your fingernails under one of the edges (you should be able to find an edge somewhere along the perimeter,) and it will pop off.

I read that folks use duck tape to pull up the edges.

On a side not, are you able to help with my other issue with “apt update”. Not sure why I am not able to update any repositories on my new system.

Did you look into your appstream version and see if manually updating that would fix the issue?

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