New Librem15 and APT Update Will Not Work

I attempted to run apt update and below is what I received on my Day 1 Librem 15. Any thoughts as to what exactly is/is not going on?

Thanks in advance.

Hit:1 green InRelease

(appstreamcli:2528): GLib-CRITICAL **: 18:25:59.600: g_variant_builder_end: assertion ‘!GVSB(builder)->uniform_item_types || GVSB(builder)->prev_item_type != NULL || g_variant_type_is_definite (GVSB(builder)->type)’ failed

(appstreamcli:2528): GLib-CRITICAL **: 18:25:59.600: g_variant_new_variant: assertion ‘value != NULL’ failed

(appstreamcli:2528): GLib-ERROR **: 18:25:59.600: g_variant_new_parsed: 11-13:invalid GVariant format string
Trace/breakpoint trap
Reading package lists… Done
E: Problem executing scripts APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success ‘if /usr/bin/test -w /var/cache/app-info -a -e /usr/bin/appstreamcli; then appstreamcli refresh-cache > /dev/null; fi’
E: Sub-process returned an error code

Did you see this site when you googled the error?

it looks pretty similar; without more information I don’t know what else to suggest.

I found similar errors here, and apparently just running

sudo apt full-upgrade 

should suffice to resolve the errors.

You are the man! I really appreciate your help. I am ecstatic about the Librem.

The solution is suggested here: PureOS: apt update fails