New mini user, location setting question

Just got a mini today. Easy set up. OS works like install on a dell I have. Haven’t put any personal info other than fresh passwords. Selected off for location service during setup

Clicked on Maps app and their is a blue dot meters away from my actual location.

Checked Location Services and it says “Location Services Turned off”
“No applications can obtain location information”

Why is setting ineffective?

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*there… Typing on phone and not wearing my readers.

Well, unless you’re running a VPN client on it, or using a router-based VPN ,then it’s location along with every other device, can be derived within 6’. See the following for details:
Find your Location using an IP Address within Six Feet using Wifi Triangulation
Tracking Our Locations - New Tech in 2021
How to Install a VPN Router

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Thanks Steve. So the app is getting location from IP address since I haven’t set up VPN service. Still not sure why OS says “No applications can obtain location information”

I’ve looked at those pi routers before. I think I will go that route.

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I got the BraxRouter a few months ago along w/ the BytzVPN (up to 6 concurrent devices) and one of his De-Googled Pixel 4a phones and am very happy with all. BytzVPN server profiles also include both Pi-hole ad blocking and TOR routing profiles among many others (scroll down here for server profiles) which many others do not offer.

All of the above can be purchased (separate transactions though) via Rob Braxman Store.

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I have an /e/ os teracube. Works fine.

I like the pro-privacy stuff that purism and others offer to dodge big tech info vacuuming.


Very helpful imo. So is your other post above. Thanks for posting this.

I had to learn too, that application tracking is one thing, while hardware tracking is another, and that they operate separately but can also be working together. I think this helps those to understand that even though you select do not show my location, if you do not use a VPN, your IP can reveal your location still, and that is no fault to Purism products. But that we as users, have to learn the many different layers to in which we need to protect ourselves on.

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