New poll - what is delivered faster

Since PinePhone dev edition is now now open for general availability I’d like to collect opinions what will be delivered first - pinephone pre-ordered today (Nov’19) or L5 pre-ordered in Oct’17

  • PinePhone - because they don’t care about software and privacy
  • Librem5 - Because they are finishing board testing while pine is starting
  • Both phones will be delivered when announced, stop spamming
  • Both phones will yet be delayed, does it really matter then who is first?

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New poll - “what will be the next poll about Librem 5?


[x] “this one, obviously”


yea, I’ve tried to be as much click-bait-oriented as possible, this is top of my creativity.


Afaik you cannot still order the final pinephone, just a braveheart edition

yes, kind of dev-edition prototype. But you can order it and the promise to deliver the prototype earlier than my assigned L5 batch :slight_smile:

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Your assigned L5 batch is the final phone, not a prototype

Yes but I didn’t choose, someone chosen for me. I’ve chosen chestnut prototype.

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A more interesting poll in my opinion whether the Evergreen batch of Librem 5 or the PinePhone with a preinstalled OS will arrive first.

Evergreen is scheduled to start in March 31, 2020, but PinePhone with preinstalled OS is scheduled for March 2020. It looks like UBports is the port advancing the fastest on the PinePhone, but I wonder what will happen if the UBports team hits a hard problem that requires serious work to solve.

Purism is using a lot of new hardware that isn’t well debugged in Linux (i.MX8MQ, RS9116, cameras, PLS8, BM818, etc.), but it has people working full time on the problem. Will that be faster than communities of volunteers working on chips that have better Linux support? It is an interesting competition.

Another factor is whether Allwinner, Realtek, Quectel, etc. will answer any questions from PINE64 about their hardware. Purism selected components where the manufacturer is more willing to respond to questions, whereas PINE64 chose components based more on price and existing Linux drivers.


I’ve never planned this poll as an insult to purism, I perfectly understand what purism is trying to achieve and what pine is trying to sell. The poll is rather probe of emotional ambience more alike to l5 vs brexit.
But I did hope purism will be open to deliver prototypes, alas it seems to be bound to plethora of governance and finance related hurdles. so ok, pine proto should fit on a higher userspace level. Also someone reminded me i can buy non-official jolla battery (entirely slipped my mind) so I’m all in gathering toys around meself. Christmas mood :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely getting a pine phone next payday, Purism’s lack of open communication has been sorely disappointing for me. I really expected more from a company championing freedom and openness. I can deal with a brave heart edition, sad purism didn’t offer that option for those waiting for two years.


Pine chosen perfect timing to monetize eagerness of purism subscribers :slight_smile: Just after purism teased everyone with almost there phone they are like - you wanted prototypes? Oh, those have we a lot, here take one.

On the plus side purism and community will be able to deliver gnome phone userland (pureos or ubuntu) not for single device but at least for two mainline platforms, which should help coming up with some generic (one-fit-all) rather than niche (device-specific) solution.


Although I prefer KDE, but will use whatever until that becomes available

yes but considering that batch is meant to be mass produced for the bulk of the users that ordered last i wouldn’t be surprised to receive mine in may/june maybe july if i’m lucky :smiley:

also if evergreen start to ship early april then it might be that many people will jump on board seeing chestnut/dogwood in action … post december is going to be exciting …

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Also, Pine64 can fall back to proprietary drivers if they have problem with free version. Purism can’t.


So here is my pinephone

And here’s my Librem5 :slight_smile:


Regretting I didn’t get in on the Braveheart edition. Especially now that the Librem 5 has been delayed again. I’ll keep my eye out for a Pinephone, I suspect I could get one before the Librem 5 I ordered ships.

Congrats :slight_smile:

To be fair: this is the braveheart version, which can be compared with the batches A-D from the librem 5. (Edit: as @kieran says I mean readiness of the product)

I really like how we have the choice between two cool linux mobile phones and I will buy a pine phone or another librem 5 for other family members once both projects are stable and run android apps.

PS: Hope to see cool reviews on the pine phone with plasma mobile and phosh from you :slight_smile: Cannot get enough of seeing someone use phosh and the special use cases people have with it - I really like the appearance.

Not really. The Brave heart edition is 149 bucks, what is the librem 5 selling for now? No comparison.

I think @maximilian meant comparable in terms of readiness for general usage. You want to be an early adopter and put up with some annoyances. That kind of comparable. Price, no. There’s a reason why it is called “brave heart”. :slight_smile: