New Post: 3d Gaming on the Librem 5

The Vivante GC7000Lite GPU in the Librem 5 provides a lot of 3D rendering power while still protecting your freedom with free software drivers. Here’s a look at how some 3D games run on the Librem 5 today.


A few notes on this video:

A lot of the video was inspired by and based on Sebastian’s work in getting various games working well on the Librem 5.

We intentionally picked one of the heaviest tracks we could find in SuperTuxKart for the first shot so there would be a reasonable means of comparison between this GPU and similar performance on a laptop or GPUs on other portable devices. You can see how it performs on average tracks in the rest of the shots, and how fast it is on a lightweight track at the end of the video.

For folks with a Librem 5 already, the updated mesa is already in the repo as of today, and the supertuxkart package should be there in a few days (it’s currently in -staging).

We intend on packaging up the tweaks for Firefox to use hardware acceleration out of the box, but in the mean time you just need to use the latest packaged mesa and set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true in about:config.