New Post: App Showcase: Lollypop

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Great that a player is available. I wish details on the player’s codec (file type) list were included.

In general all players on Linux can handle the same formats because they use the same codec libraries. So, you can expect most things to work.

I wish that I actually had the phone…

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Lollypop uses gstreamer - On a Debian-based system you can install the package gstreamer1.0-tools, and then run

gst-inspect-1.0 --types decoder

to see what it can decode (However, please note that this probably will list a massive amount of formats, both image, video and sound formats).


so if you are interested in a specific file type, you probably want to add

| grep -F .xyz


I’ve tried using Lollypop for flac files and that works, but there is something that I haven’t been able to get working. When going to the Web section in Lollypop the app says “Network unavailable or disabled in settings”. I know I have wifi enabled and connected, but I can’t find any settings controlling the ability to use networking. Any ideas?

Do you have network access enabled in Lollypop? See the video in the first post in this thread at around the 20 sec mark - Head into preferences, select web at the bottom, is “Allow network access” enabled there?

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Ok, I thought it was an OS level setting that I couldn’t find. Now I’ve made that setting, but I had to use screen scaling (1.25) to be able to do the setting since a big part of the setting screen ended up outside the physical screen. In the video it worked more smoothly.

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desktop grade media player that ALSO works out of the box in El-Cinque :partying_face: