New Post: App Showcase: Weather

Keep informed about the weather and use your location only where it’s needed:


Ideally, you’d just download the weather for everywhere in the world and the software would find location. You could use a proxy/VPN in a totally different location than where you live. That might be a lot of data though. I wonder if you could set it to randomize like 100 locations each time, one of which would include your real location, and get data for all of those.

Or just use Tor @burningmime so that not every application would have to deal with some sort of things itself. :thinking:

Every application would need a separate Tor channel or anonymity of one app might be broken by another.

This solution is perfect if there are many requests from all over the world coming in. But Librem is a niche product, and likely most of the other requests to the Norwegian Meteorological Association come from within Norway. You might be one of two people in Guam that are making requests there. If the Norwegian Meteorological Association is compromised, they can now track requests from Guam and get a pretty good idea of where you are, what your daily routine is, etc.

Signal messenger uses proxies to cover access to giphy and for link previews IIRC. So that giphy (owned by Facebook) can’t track users.

So that could be a solution to cover access to weather services as well, if carefully designed and implemented. It must be served by a party that people trust. Otherwise the proxy can itself collect user data and compromise anonymity.

Whom do you trust to host such a proxy? Purism?

can you imagine the computer in your pocket dying from all that geo.-loc. TOR-ization ? :rofl:

He he. The proxies would be transparent to your station, except the Tor instances running on your machine. I’ve read that multiple Tor instances would occupy recourses on the Tor network or something like that. I don’t remember the exact expression. Also I am not familiar with Tor protocol details and where resource consumption could happen. Is it a stateful protocol. That statement was somewhere on stackexchange. I don’t know if its true. The topic was that of multiple Tor connections. Which O still find useful from an user’s perspective.

Gnome Weather, like all apps running on the L5, is not limited to the L5. It has been available for years.
Also, I’d be surprised if not more apps (e.g. on f-droid) would use the same data source.