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Check out this simple dictionary tool:


offline mode FTW … i assume that updates to the back-end-dictionary could be delivered in a p2p fashion since there’s not much data to store on the device and everybody shares the same data …

Aww, sweet. For English, I’ve been using for decades. Awesome service, but without an offline mode. Looks like Gnome dictionary is superior.

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Does this app support local dictionary file of StarDict or GoldenDict structure or can I just copy them over from my FreeBSD laptop?

Any idea how much disk space this takes for a local offline install? I’m supposing that some fairly large dictionary files get installed locally for the offline option but there’s large and then there’s large.

Answering for myself: I went ahead and installed, and it’s about 40 MB.

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40MB is actually larger than I expected (though not large enough that I would be concerned at all). Plain text generally compresses fairly well.

That depends on the dictionary. I have a bunch which are between 20 and 80MiB (stardict format).

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I should have made clear that I installed gcide, wn, jargon and a small number of mostly very incomplete English-other language dictionaries.

Anyone who knows English and another language feel free to enhance the translation dictionaries! :slight_smile:

Here’s a summary of the current status.

English-Afrikaans               6397 headwords   status: small 
English-Arabic                 87424 headwords   status: stable 
English-Czech                 150004 headwords   status: stable 
English-Welsh                  12630 headwords   status: big enough
English-German                 93275 headwords   status: old upstream version
English-Modern Greek (1453-)   20973 headwords   status: big
English-French                  8799 headwords   status: small 
English-Irish                   1359 headwords   status: too small
English-Hindi                  25642 headwords   status: low quality 
English-Croatian               59194 headwords   status: stable 
English-Hungarian              89679 headwords   status: stable 
English-Italian                 4519 headwords   status: too small
English-Latin                   3026 headwords   status: too small
English-Lithuanian              6255 headwords   status: stable 
English-Dutch                   7714 headwords   status: small
English-Polish                 16362 headwords   status: big enough to be useful 
English-Portuguese             15766 headwords   status: big enough
English-Romany                   990 headwords   status: too small 
English-Russian                 1693 headwords   status: too small
English-Spanish                 5907 headwords   status: small
English-Serbian                  590 headwords   status: too small 
English-Swedish                 5479 headwords   status: small
English-Swahili                 1450 headwords   status: too small
English-Turkish                36589 headwords   status: unstable 

(No details were available for the last three dictionaries.)

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should be English - Romanian

Not so. Romanian and Romany are two different languages. Romany refers to people who in less politically correct times would have been called Gypsies.

PS Regardless, the above is just output from the relevant apt command, formatted.