New Post: App Spotlight: Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder is simple to install and a powerful way to record in the studio or on the go:


I love the 3rd file name. It looks like a real user created those files. :slight_smile:

I noticed that you have a USB audio interface. What is it? I would like one that has support in the Linux kernel. I found some comments that indicate that RUBIX22 and UMC202HD seem to work, but the hardware is quite old.

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I have three questions that may need some to test the app:

  1. What happens when you are recording and a call comes in? (Or you call out during a recording?)
  2. Can this be opened during a call (or automated when a call starts) and what would it capture (nothing, only my side or both)? Would the call be interfered?
  3. Is a call selectable as a source for the recorder?

I use the Fulla Schiit 3 (yes, that’s real). Full kernel support, plug and play on Mint. Haven’t tried it on the Pinephone; haven’t received the Evergreen.

  • Audio interface: Steinberg UR12
  • USB hub: USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter 8 Ports with Power Delivery 3.0 (X40030)

Both work really well with the Librem 5.

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2/3: I don’t think Sound Recorder can do this; however, I bet something like that could be done with a bit of effert.


Nice. For 2 mics, the Steinberg UR22 MKII is reported to work with Linux. I am not sure about Steinberg UR22C (USB 3.0).