New Post: Controlling You by Smartphone Is A Reality, but Not with Purism!

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One of the most annoying things about the way Apple controls you because you use an iPhone is … pester power.

Every single time you install a new operating system version, it pesters you to use its preferred settings, not once, but twice. Immediately after the install, you have to go through each relevant setting and choose “no, f*** off, Apple, I set that and I want it to stay that way” … and then it leaves a notification reminder on the Settings app until you repeat that entire process.

This is a Dark Pattern.

My main internet banking web site is now doing the same thing. Each time I log in it forces me to visit the Preferences page, where I have to click Cancel, because I am entirely happy with exactly the settings that I have already chosen. Again, it is pestering me because I am not using their preferred settings. (There is probably no realistic workaround when web sites that you can’t avoid using adopt these practices.)

Another Dark Pattern.

In the breaking news reported by Gizmodo, France Passes Bill Allowing Police to Access Phone Cameras, France passed a new bill enabling authorities to access smartphone cameras posing massive threats to civil liberties.

(That is already the case in Australia, except worse.)

Now if only I had a way of doing a hardware kill on the camera … :slight_smile:


You can choose a different financial institution that respects your values and interests. I have been putting serious effort towards becoming unbanked for that very reason, among other self-sufficient financial goals.

For now though, I still have a bank account for non-personal reasons, but I have a plan to close it in a few years. It mandates multi-factor authentication and promotes OTP by SMS, but it has alternative options that allow me to continue with tolerable security practices.

In (old) Soviet Russia, EULA clicks YOU!

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I did not got the Point of the “but Not with Purism” Part…

  • Oh, its about Controlling you by Smartphone? - Stupid. However we have to know and Share information. Its better if we understand it and control our Systems, but yes its about the information flow to us over our enhanced technology. So sorry Purism its for sure, with Purism! We need free Software and Hardware to manage the Information and to are in some way controlled by purism :wink:

To all:
The issue about controlling you, is because of algorithms and sensors collected Information by your Family or your smart Home and Cars… so if they would not collect that information you wouldn’t be so vulnerable in the first place.