New Post: Digital Freedom: No Clicking on “I Agree” to Use Smartphones or PCs Supported by PureOS!

It is true that we have been going slower in term of software development lately and this is why there are no software reports currently. This is a side effect from the massive chips shortage and the big delays that we went through and that impacted the sales of some of our products (mainly the Librem 5). Now we have stock and with direct availability sales are moving back to normal, so we should hopefully be back at full R&D speed soon. We are still making progress in some areas and preparing new products. Please be patient.


If you knew it was misinformation, then you should not have said it. AOSP is FOSS and uses the Linux kernel.

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Android/Linux: Android phones are the best Linux-Mobile experiences…and it is for Linux Peoples.(Not Me) :wink:

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