New Post: From Fab to Table: Librem 5 USA Supply Chain Security

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There are a number of different reasons why someone might be excited about the Made in USA electronics in the Librem 5 USA ranging from the patriotic to the environmental to the security-minded. The Librem 5 USA has a more secure supply chain for reasons beyond that the electronics are made in one country instead of another. In this post I will explain why it’s so important that the Librem 5 USA is made where it is and why that makes it a more secure product than the Librem 5. Even if you aren’t from the US or don’t find the US a more trustworthy manufacturing location than anywhere else, by the end of my post you will hopefully agree with me.

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I like to draw analogies from the food supply chain

Reminds me of “You are what you run” article by the FSF.

So, no salmonella in the Librem 5 USA edition. Good to know.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it gets killed in the vapor phase part of the process.

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So, are your “tomatoes” better than those from the Chinese boutique*? Are you there yet? I’m strictly referring to the manufacturing quality, to the “taste” of them.

* at those small batches I can’t call it a “supermarket”

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While it’s still early days, so far these tomatoes seem to have significantly fewer blemishes and bruises.


I have a question which is not in the list of the examples of unwanted questions: When the shipping of orders of the original backers will continue? My order is from October 7, 2017.

(Btw: I think I asked this already a few hours ago, but my message is somehow not visible.)

I deleted your message because asking about the status of your order is explicitly called out as being off topic and even if it weren’t explicitly called out, the list at the top of the thread are just examples of potential off-topic comments, not a complete list.

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Sorry, but I asked not for my order (even if I gave the order detail). I ask: When the delivery to backers will restart again. instead of delivery only to orders of L5 US.

It looks like the millionaires will have a feast. Bravo!?

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This has been answered already: in October.

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You can safely assume that I’m able to read and that I have read the post The Ball and the …

My question has two aspects: 1) Maybe there is new, even more worth information a month after this post; and 2) To express some kind of frustration about the fact that at the moment when the delivery to us, the original backers, is stopped, the delivery of the L5 US comes out as the bird Phoenix from the ash with a big hype.

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The reason I put the disclaimer on these blog posts is precisely because people will take advantage of the fact that someone who works at Purism created a thread, to ask off-topic questions unrelated to the thread since they have Purism’s attention. In the past we tolerated this and then thread after thread would get derailed by people asking off-topic questions, in particular of the “are there any updates?” flavor. The folks in the thread who wanted to have an on-topic discussion started complaining (rightly so) and so we’ve been more strict about this since then.

When we do have updates we are always sure to post them.

Can everyone please keep this thread on the topics presented in the post (specifically Librem 5 USA supply chain)?


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