New Post: Gaming on the Librem 14

Gaming on the Librem 14 is respectful, ad-free, and covers most game classes at no upfront or monthly cost, all while protecting your data.


The little game brainparty is working very well on the Librem5, it’s fun :+1:


I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but the word most people would use is “genres” instead of “game classes”.

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La di da :business_suit_levitating:

Just kidding :yum:

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I played many years ago I played nexuiz and loved to swing around with the grappling hook like Spiderman.

Liquid war is also a nice little game. I wonder how it works on L5 without a keyboard.

There’re even more great games for Linux e.g. I remember the 2D graphics adventure “beneath a steel sky”. Many years ago it was in the usual distros repositories.

I will be proud to have a computer that I don’t game on.