New Post: High Security Shipping: Anti-interdiction in 2021

We offer a lot of unique, high-security features at Purism (I discuss the most secure options for the Librem 14 in this post). One of the most interesting things we offer is our anti-interdiction service, an add-on service that we custom-tailor for each customer to add multiple levels of tamper detection to an order. With anti-interdiction in place, a customer can detect any attempt to tamper with the package, the computer hardware, or the firmware during shipping. In 2021 we saw more anti-interdiction orders than ever before. In this post I wanted to talk through some of the highlights of anti-interdiction in 2021 including some of the most common anti-interdiction steps our customers choose.

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There’s actually an Android app, available on F-Droid, that “simplifies comparing photos of tamper-evident seals.”