New Post: International Cybersecurity Standards Do Not Address Surveillance Capitalism

@rexmlee has written a new blog article for Purism.


…intrusive Google, Apple, and Microsoft apps are tantamount to “Legal Malware” enabling app and social media developers to conduct audio, video, and physical surveillance on the OS end user while data mining over 5,000 highly confidential data points associated with the OS end user’s personal, business, medical, legal, employment, and location information to exploit for profits.

I think there is an important category of data points missed to be mentioned, at least when talking about surveillance capitalism in general and security as personal security: sexual information.

Many people communicate with potential or actual partners online. Many people get to know their partners online. Even highly intimate information is exchanged online.

I remember reading about an Uber analysis that could tell with a success rate which rides were made to get the customer to a one-night-stand.

Think about what political parties do to reach potential voters of them and voters of other parties in an individual way. They play people off against each other. And depending on country and parties some sexual orientations or ways to live are not tolerated and may lead to offending treatment up to death penalty.

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