New Post: Introducing the Lapdock Kit

With the Lapdock kit, you can turn your Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA into a PureOS laptop. While your Librem 5 is fully able to run desktop apps on its own, once attached to the Lapdock, you can take advantage of the extra screen space, battery power, and extra ports.


You wrote: “You also get an extra Micro USB slot and a headphone jack.” I think you meant microSD card slot instead of micro USB. If that’s true the article should be corrected.

Btw.: Does the sd card slot also able to take cards up to a capacity to 2TB?


Now I regret buying my Uperfect X Mini lapdock, this one looks much nicer and I’ve stopped using my current lapdock mostly because the trackpad was very bad :frowning:

The Nexdock trackpads are pretty bad too in my experience (Nexdock 2 but I hear the 360 and Touch are the same) - they are presented as as mouse, not a trackpad, so there’s no possibility of accidental touch rejection, and the options on how to use it are very limited…

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Connect a mouse and there is a key to disable the trackpad. Mind you I just dont like using trackpads.

When will these be back in stock??

Probably best to ask Purism directly

So, I did a thing…

I liked the idea of mounting the phone on the Nexdock, but really hate when phones/phone cases have a bump on the back. I like a nice flat surface. So, I had the idea to embed metal circle that came with the Lapdock Kit into the phone back plate.

I ordered two extra back plates from Purism (Purism I really suggest you put these in the store) for this experiment. Good thing too - I immediately broke one when clamping it down (d’oh!) but the second try was the charm.
Basically just drilled a hole through the back plate, mounted the metal circle on another small flat piece of plastic, sanded a bit to fit things in to place, and epoxied it all together.

It’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with the result. It works well to snap on and off the Nexdock and the back of the phone is almost perfectly flat with it.

I’m looking for some sort of plastic-y cover I can put over the metal to make it look and feel like the back plate. Not sure what to do there. For now a black sharpie got the color to match, and surprisingly hasn’t rubbed off yet.

See below.

I’d love it if phones or phone cases started getting built with the metal ring for magnet mounts going forward, they are pretty useful and this has got me wanting to buy mounts to stick my L5 elsewhere too.


I just taped the metal on the inside of the back cover and I think it sticks sufficiently to the magnets I use for my lapdocks.