New Post: Liberty Phone and Librem 5 Inner Workings

Liberty Phone and Librem 5 Inner Workings

September 19, 2023

In accordance to Purism’s Social Purpose, we are excited to release two PDF files showing the copper layers of the Librem 5 and Liberty Phone main board and type-C board. … read more


Interesting and step forward when I remember horror to get to assembly files to have at leas basic necessary documentation to negotiate GNSS_sensitivity_ECO_for_customers.pdf (issue #252) for my older batch version device. Still no data for GNSS antenna and my friend is finishing his engagement at Galileo project and ESA to have free hands for his own not only space related time-photo-electric adventures so chance to use unique ESA setup for Librem 5 GNSS antenna measurements and tuning has gone. Shame to Purism management. My personal motivation has lowered as well and may be I will wait for another company Posh based Linux phone and stay with my payment for Librem 5 as investment to ecosystem where developers paid by Purism have done great work.

I have not found time for the second X-ray imagining of the frame without electronic yet and previous one does not reveal antennas well, but can serve as substitute for original Purism promised X-rays images for anti-tampering check. Conventional photos of electronics for completeness there.