New Post: Librem 14 Update: Shipping Starts in February with Extended Battery

It’s not going to happen looks like

The shipping delay was because of 3-cell battery not available until after Chinese New Year, that is in March; 4-cell battery had to be available in February, so they defaulted back-orders to the extended battery. But if even 4-cell battery is in delay and we are approaching March, we should now choose which battery to get.
Anyway, I’m confronting several delays by other electronics producers too: I ordered a video conference equipment in December and it still needs to be shipped, a 65" TV from another manufacturer still to arrive, etc. To order products recently became a pain.


The phone company FX also postponed the delivery date for the phones preorders, and worse they have changed CPUs for a worse one, because there are no chipsets supplies.

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A quote from the comments on the FX site:

I’m getting tired of this too. Would just like the company to do the right thing.

I felt just like I am on the Purism forum!

I don’t think anybody is really disagreeing (outside general frustration) that there are delays outside of Purism’s control, especially anybody working in the tech space right now. I think the biggest issue is the communication around delays.

This isn’t the first Librem laptop, nor was it crowdfunded.

I think @any1’s post above hits the nail on the head:

Frequent, concise project updates (good or bad) will keep invested customers from turning from advocates to character assassins when product delivery times are impacted from factors outside of your control.

I want to advocate from the highest mountain about what Purism is trying to do, but how can I evangelize right now? I can’t suggest security minded folk to order a laptop when nobody has any idea when it will arrive.


I reached out to Ops again I ordered my laptop on the 02/02/2021. I was told about late March for my delivery. I reached out again to see if anything had changed, or if a delay is happening. I was told that the estimation is the same, no delay.

With that said, it would be nice for a small update from someone who works for the ocmlany, rather then having to email over.

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I’m not quite sure what is more appalling to me: the amount of entitlement in this thread displayed by more than just a handful of its participants or the complete and utter ignorance about how the pandemic has affected the entire global supply chain of countless industries–including and especially this one!

But muh kompooter is runnin’ late…

Get a grip!

But da lack of updates and communica–WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

Here’s the story for those who are apparently too dumb to get it:

Purism put out some estimated dates for the Librem 14 release. Those dates got wrecked multiple times due to some pretty significant events beyond their control.

They communicated about those delays, gave some new dates, wash, rinse and repeat.

We’re all disappointed we can’t have our computers in the time we thought they’d arrive. But life happens, so grow a pair and find a way to cope with it.

Have a wank, use white crayons to color a zebra, cry into a pillow, bake a cake, do whatever you gotta do to live another day so you can wait it out, but please, god, for the love of sanity, quit the whiny complaining/grandstanding and understand that your hot take or moronic conspiracy theories for why you don’t yet have your computer…and/or your kvetching about not receiving an email update every 5 minutes about any progress or lack thereof…is childish and ignorant at absolute best.

To the purism team: if this post was over the line in any way, it wasn’t intentional; however, I’m afraid I can’t apologize because someone had to let these chuckleheaded bellends know that their behavior is appalling, disrespectful, and ignorant. I applaud you (and some of the others who have defended you) for your virtue and patience in suffering the foolish sentiments, complaints, and accusations made of you in this thread.

Please know that myself and many others do and will continue to support you because we’re smart enough to understand that you’re doing your best in these times. Anyone who thinks anything but should go get their head examined.


Me too. It’s not just Purism.

Ordered something in January. Sorry, backordered, expect Feb 15. Feb 15 comes and goes. Now: Expect Mar 15. Well, we’ll see …

I think the complaint is more often that the communication leaves something to be desired. At some point, a statement of “Shipping starts in February” has to become either “It’s still February and shipping has started, yay!” or “It is now clear that shipping won’t start in February, expect updated forecast by date X”.

This post doesn’t introduce anything to the topic, nor does it help make the discussion useful, and breaks the forum rule of not ranting. All it does is poke the bee hive.

I’m not sure why I’m keeping it, but any other posts sharing this tone will get removed without another warning. So will counter-rants.


Here is the problem: Purism has my money and I don’t have my laptop - Plan and simple. With all these delays, I am starting to get that bad feeling that we are all going to visit one day and it simply won’t load and the owners of the company are going to be MIA. That is the fear. If you don’t think this could happen then look at the Lily Drone. Lots of people got screwed. So for all the people that are telling us to give purism a break and be more understanding Screw you. 2k plus the ~1k for the phone is a lot of money for me and I will not just sit here and be told to shut up and wait. @GetSmarter If you want me to shut up then give me 3k of your money and we can call it even.

How is this contributing to the discussion?

The best contribution to the discussion right now, and for the last couple of weeks, would have been weekly posts from Purisms letting folks know what is going on.

But that seems to be difficult for Purism to grasp…and not to be counted on.
Apparently they need weeks to put together a blog post letting folks know what is going on.

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I’m extremely confident, that the hardware will be delivered, Purism will grow a big and healthy company and everybody will be getting their L14 soon. Including me myself. :star_struck:
I don’t think, anybody will have to worry.

And lo behold - good news for the phone customers: Just got my delivery announcement mail


To follow up, here is the post we were working on with an update. It took extra time to get to the bottom of everything so we would have accurate information to post, including how it might affect the timeline:


Sometimes we do need weeks, because it sometimes takes multiple weeks, especially when a problem crops up, to find out what the actual problem is, what’s the scope of the problem, and how it impacts timelines (or if it impacts timelines, sometimes it doesn’t), so we can post something accurate.


Thanks for the update @Kyle_Rankin. Has there been any progress with the ME?

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If you mean in terms of neutralizing instead of just disabling, not as of yet, our efforts have been focused on the newly-announced free EC firmware.


I’m locking this thread as we have an updated news post. Please direct on topic discussion of the recent Librem 14 news update there.