Just got my delivery announcement mail

Umm, https://shop.puri.sm/shop/privacy-screen-for-librem-5-evergreen/ is very sparse on details indeed :). I am not related to purism but in conversations I have understood that this is a foil glued to the screen that prevents anybody who does not view the screen from the front (90°) to seeing the screen contents (similar to what company work laptops often put on employee’s screen so that you can’t glean information when they sit next to you in the train/plane.

I have no idea on the tech specs of the dock though. Have you mailed back and asked them?


Sure did. No reply after >48 hours. So I will not order this accessory. I will stay with an extra battery.

so much for the IPS (in-plane-switching) display technology of that touch screen if you slap a privacy-protector on it … now you can’t binge watch NeXt with your sweetheart :mask:

And the eagle has left the nest! A parcel has left SOUTH SAN DIEGO - USA yesterday and is predicted to arrive 4 days later with me in Germany.


Today I received my tracking number! I’ll write here when the phone is actually delivered


Update²: Purism managed to send the phone within the estimated time frame: I got a tracking number yesterday as well.


When did you back? Later than Sep 17? Just asking so we can fill in the timetable of shipping estimates.

Hi, I wrote it in the message I was replying to, here!

edit: Order date: 20 Sept 2017


Update³: The phone has arrived today! The ~108€ tax & fees I have paid online to DHL. DHL has provided this option via SMS a couple of hours before delivery.
I have switched it on, made a software update played around a bit. Happy to explore some use cases over the next months.
It is large and heavy, sure - but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks Purism for shifting the borders of what’s possible FOSS-wise in the mobile world.


Well the heavy it is because it has a pro big battery capacity. In the first days the L5 feels heavy, but after getting used to it it no longer feels heavy. Also that the heavy and wide is price to PAY for a phone truly free software where it respects our privacy and rights .


No tracking yet. Tomorrow the two weeks for shipping my L5 expire (unless they ship on weekends too). I just hope they will keep their promise.

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My order date is 18 Sep 2017. No tracking yet. So Purism missed one more promise for me. I will complain to support if I do not get a tracking on Monday. I feel very bad about this. I also ordered a second battery and openpgp card to give them some more money and help them.


is it possible to order a openpgp card and add it to the order of the Librem5 ordered in 2017 ?

I’ve just found the normal checkout which would cost $14.99 shipping for the card, but I would like it to be sent together with the phone.

Purism Support will give you the opportunity to add accessories to your order before shipping. You will receive emails like these when your order is preparing to finalize:

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See also about the shipping price:

I bought an OpenPGP card and an additional battery in the Purism‘s shop. They gave me by mail a magic token to be entered in the shop to avoid shipping costs and I entered my backer order number as comment; now I‘m waiting for my L5, ordered October 7, 2017.


Yes. I did this. When I was getting my shipping email for the phone, the process was that I had to create a second order and then they manually merged the two orders. From the sounds of it the process may have become more sophisticated in the intervening weeks. The end result is the same though.

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Yesterday (2021-03-03) I got my phone! Custom processing was slow as they said they did not have a way to contact me: I wrote DHL why my item was on hold, they asked me to sign a couple of documents, and the following they I got it delivered in Italy. Custom fee + dhl processing was ~125euro


Is DHL shipping all the L5’s ? I just had a Mobian Pinephone delivered through them. They said I wasn’t home when they tried delivering. I am disabled and am home almost 24/7. Then they dumped it on an outfit called Speedee Delivery who deliveed it the next day.
Does Purism have an option to pay more to get a different shipper?

It was DHL express in my case, which uses different couriers than regular DHL as far as I know. All those services seem to be hit and miss, and no, there was no option to choose a different logistics firm.