New Post: Librem 14 Update: Shipping Starts in February with Extended Battery

Thank you! Actually, I suspeced exactly that to be the case.

But then, again, aspiration arose, when I read that the Librem 14 is meant to be the successor of the L 13. So I speculated for a L 15 successor to come up as well.

But you’r probably right.
Instead it would have helped, it they had told the community, that the L 15 goes end of life around christmas sale.

Is the screen of the new L15 too small for UltraHD? Do you know that?

UltraHD matters a great deal to me! Instead, while typing blind, the keyboard might as well be chinese, I wouln’t mind.

But BTW: I read about stickers for keyboards.

May they fill their pockets and grow rich and powerful in the meantime and build a new UltraHD model soon! :upside_down_face: :wink:

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Thank you, but I’m using Qubes.

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I just noticed my answer didn’t reflect what I quoted of you (updated previous post).

Now, about

I don’t know, but your next chance would probably be end of this year / beginning of next year, as Purism has an update cycle of (at least / roughly) 12 months.

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I dont understand. Too little RAM or CPU power? You could upgrade to 16GB DDR3 and with the 2nd and 3rd core i generation put a 4C8T CPU inside (they are expensive though)

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Yes i know that they sell clevo models and add the customer choice later on, i have Seen their offices in germany where they do that :slight_smile: and yes disabling the cam in BIOS and having a kill switch are not the same thing. Add to it that the killswitches are Mord conveniant :wink: and yes i do undersrtand that purism has to charge Mord becuase of their own production. But please 800usd for a drive that you can get for 300 is overprized :wink: and because of the social aspect i was willing to pay more. But AS pink unicorn i am running a business, and i need reliabilty. If i had not checked the forum i would not have known about the delay. And that is not acceptable. And add to that, that my business is not running well cause of covid i cannot spend Mor money. I would have to spend the 800 usd for the HDD… And of course the import tax of 300 usd i had to pay anyway…so getting the Maschine i wanted and i had the money for just became 800usd Mord expensive. But yes i contacted the support maybe they can di some thing. I could live with a smaller hdd for a month if they sende the smaler battery later on

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I can respect your situation. It makes sense.

I ordered mine with 2 m.2 drives as well, and I just sent an email asking to keep the 2nd drive, but get the 4 cell battery for now, and just order the 3 cell for later.

I think COVID has really mucked up things for a lot of people. If your financial situation has changed, etc. then you are of course more than justified in your concern.


Thx for the tipps :.I do have a laptop. Its a thinkpad x1 carbon with 8 Gigs RAM. The reason i ordered the librem 14 was ita power. If i import 10gigs of images and 20 Gigs of Video my old laptop is just to slow to allow me to work probably :wink: editing images and Videos is just to slow :slight_smile:

If they agree to send the 3 cell battery later for free or for very cheap (import tax…) i could go with that… But again, Hardware is one issue, the other one is trust.and with this Bad information management they are loosing in the trust sie of things. Heck it Stil says delivery in january in their shop. But yea covid realy messed up a lot… Had not one propper gig the last 4 month…


BTW team Purism, is this an actual picture of a physical model?

Looking really good!


The most important thing here, is that Purism should be sending a Purism hat with each laptop :joy: :rofl:


Have to agree :slight_smile: in of the reasons i went with the librem, it is an awesome design



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Like you, Purism is a business that needs to make money to pay their bills, so if they don’t have any inventory that means that they can’t make money either; so I can’t imagine that they are thrilled with the problems that they have either.

Finally, I would try to put the problem in a historical perspective. Just in time manufacturing lowers significantly the cost of manufacturing. In fact, I actually doubt Purism could even exist without it. Purism would require significantly more capital to function as a business if it kept inventory levels sufficiently high to weather a crisis like this one without disrupting its supply.

Of course, the communication issues about which you speak are different…


Yes, RAM.
32 at minimum for Qubes to serve the virtual Machines :slight_smile:

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Yes, as I said: Starting up with a hardware manufacturing business is not an easy task.

But communication needs improvement.


I don’t disagree, but that would probably require hiring somebody who is good at it and that would cost money…

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As opposed to cancelations of pre-orders?

I do appreciate the updates on delays and realize that covid has made everything a nightmare, but like others I do feel a bit pushed to the side by the lack of communication.

I’m a little surprised that there hasn’t been some sort of weekly, or bi-weekly, email to those that are invested (pre-ordered). The email really needs nothing more than to say “covid sucks but yep, we are still working on things, check out this changelog” or something. This is pretty common practice for kickstarter or indiegogo campaign, and I don’t feel it’s beyond the realm of possibility to keep those invested in a tighter loop.

I get delays, this is an unprecedented event. I also believe in what Purism is doing and will bide my time waiting for my new work laptop and phone. However, that patience is greatly exercised when the communication is a month apart (or only posted in the forum), and we are all stuck indoors neurotically checking our email and the Purism site for updates.


exactly that

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Here’s the actual email i’d like to see

“We are sorry for the delay, we will be sending everyone their machines with a 4 cell battery giving them increased capacity. However - you will be unable to use both m2 slots. Since we know people who use both slots are more rare, anyone who needs to use both m2 slots will be able to purchase a 3 cell battery in march, at cost, or a greater discount, and when it arrives, they will be able to switch batteries freeing up the second slot for use. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Here is a dope hat with the purism logo on it for your troubles!”

Purism if we had focus on customer retention and loyalty.

Who else agrees??


totaly agrees. Thats one of the main Issues i have with Purism, how they communicate with us.