New Post: Librem 14 Update: Shipping Starts in February with Extended Battery

(And get the shop fixed.)


Thank you, I did not know that, valuable info thus. :grinning: :ok_hand:

How much are you willing to pay to see that?

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And you don’t have to hire someone just to be able to send an email out to a mailing list every week or two. Someone at Purism with current status info on the laptop, or any other product, can be tasked with that. Takes just a few minutes.


I’d become loyal forever and forgive them for their sourcing pains. Plus I’d wear their gear advertising for them.

I don’t expect them to make a profit off the new battery that I have to buy due to their shortcomings though, only to cover costs (just for us who will actually use the added m.2, and if it’s so rare like they say, it won’t be so bad.)


For what it’s worth, we do have a newsletter mailing list where we email out news updates every few weeks so people who want constant updates can subscribe and get frequent updates. Scroll down to the bottom of our main page and you can enter an email address and sign up. Each time we have actual news we publish it on our site, in our newsletter, on this forum, and in all of our social media accounts. We give as many opportunities as possible for people to hear our news.

However, I disagree with the idea that we should publish a post every week or two just to say “we are still working on this, no news” instead of only publishing news when we actually have something new to say.

Some of our customers would consider getting an email every week or two with no actual update just “We are still working on this” as spam and would (in my opinion, rightly) be upset by our showing up in their INBOX without real news. So we have to walk the tightrope in terms of how many unsolicited email updates we send to people.

We do intend on contacting all Librem 14 backers with this particular update, because it’s important enough to cross that threshold, however these sorts of things take time and we are working on that alongside the shipping estimates we are sending out to Librem 5 backers.


Thank you for pointing this out @Kyle_Rankin I’ll be signing up for the newsletter now. All fair points as well, I do appreciate your communication.

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And it works very well. I’ve been signed up for several years.


I appreciate your answer!
Could you give an outlook as of when there will be another UltraHD screen notebook upcoming, please?


We as a rule don’t comment about potential future products (or updates of existing products) until we are ready to do a formal public announcement.


I understand. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would hope they add an option for a screen resolution above 1080p then.


Hey Kyle
I agree it would feel ‘spammie’ to get an email with no actual update.
However, I also agree with a lot of people on the forum that something’s missing in your communication.
The newsletter is great, but the last time something was said about the librem 14 timescale was 29-9-2020… all the way at the bottom, as a ‘by the way’ we won’t ship untill december.
That’s not a concerned way to find out that the shipping of the expensive laptop you bought a few weeks before, to support Purism, is going to be delayed.

I think the problem is not necessarily the delay itself, most people, like myself, understand.
The problem is, that you don’t bring these updates to the people who invested to support you.
Maybe it’s your policy to not communicate personally. That’s fine, but at least communicate that you won’t be communicating via email. Send an email about the ways you can check the status of your purchase. And really update them.

The following I’ll say, is because I believe in Purism and I want all the best for the company: you will lose customers on this lack of communication in the future.
I went to this forum, because I didn’t hear anything. And because the blog updates were old. And because there was nothing in the newsletter about Librem 14 anymore. But most people here, on the forum, are no ‘ordinary’ customers. They bought and supported your products because the searched for something specific. They’re interested in open source, or in the hardware, or in security, or support the way you work, etc. They are curious. They go here to check out what’s going on, to ask questions etc.
If the company goes bigger, there will be other customers, that are not going to search for an update and information on a forum themselves. They expect to get this info in there emailbox.

Let me put it like this: I encouraged my family and friends to go for Purism products when they need a new device. They’re interested, but they are not so interested in the background. They want to buy something that is secure and open source, but they won’t dive too deep. They are not the kind of people that will go to this forum.
When I didn’t receive any emails about the delays or updates concerning Librem 14, I stopped promoting Purism for my friends and family, because those are the customers that won’t understand this communication. They won’t understand that you get a confirmation email of your purchase and don’t hear anything anymore. You have to help them a little. They are not the kind of customer that will fish for information on a forum, or check the website to get unpersonal updates about the status of their device. They are the kind of customer that appreciate kindness and ‘customor friendlyness’ above all.

Something that frustrates customers in this world most, is being ignored. They’re like people: they need a little attention :slight_smile:

Hopefully you will make some better communication moves in the future, just for the sake of Purisms future.


All excellent points. And I will add that newbies to the Linux scene such as myself look through a lot of other Linux forum posts and I can tell you I felt very uneasy ordering the 14 with all the Purism bashing on those other forums about lots of promises no communication and never receiving anything that actually functions. The Purism rep elsewhere isn’t good.

Honestly most people that I’ve spoken with have done the same research and have backpedaled quickly saying they will wait until they can start shipping products when people order them on a regular basis. Adding little, or no, or non detailed communication to all that and you get folks looking for other options and aren’t quite as concerned about the depth that Purism goes to insure privacy in every way possible.

The non technical customers don’t want to hear any excuses (no matter how correct they are) as to why something they ordered months ago has been delayed again. They are used to instant gratification.

Here, I suppose you have folks like me that are mixed. While I am big on privacy and security and love the lengths that Purism goes to to give that to their customers, and I also understand how delays in manufacturing delays me getting my product, I still want answers quickly as to why, in detail, and then what’s gonna be done to rectify it, and when am I going to get it…all things that are generally impossible but it’s what we have grown used to.

So most people do the only other thing they’ve grown used to doing when they’re unhappy about something, they go on social media and complain, it’s their only recourse.


Thank you for voicing my concerns in a much better way than I ever could :slight_smile: and to make matters worse, purism is not winning back any trust with me so far. I contacted the support on Sunday (ok that’s no work day) but have not heared anything from them. Not even an acknowledgement that they got my email…


I am not sure there is any solution to this issue: Purism is still in the missionary phase. They ask us to pre-order in order to underwrite the development of devices that we think are valuable and important and that a purely profit oriented company would probably never do because it makes reaching profitability more challenging.


I would add that most of the angry posters I see on this forum seem not to have understood that and therefore have unreasonable expectations (in my opinion).


Agreed, certainly no easy solution. Right now Purism is a tech/privacy company, in, as you say, missionary phase, finding it’s way, focused on developing their products the best the can, and PR is not their focus, and, unfortunately, for many customers, they don’t get that. Maybe because they see themselves as a normal retail customer dealing with a retailer, and not an investor, investing in a company in early development stages trying to give best guesses when something will be done, getting beat up when they are wrong, and sometimes wishing to avoid that, so entertain the idea of saying nothing (mistake IMO) to avoid the hassles.

But, communication will need to be addressed at some point, if they wish to grow, and I’m guessing they do. Might just take one PR experienced person, willing to either donate time, or work part time on the cheap, that believes in what they do, to handle that. Answer emails, post weekly or bi weekly updates, talk about issues facing Prism, sharing cookie recipes, etc. to keep everyone in the loop.

Ok, maybe not the recipes so much, but still… :rofl:


Wow, i finally got an answer from your support, and it only made matters worse.
So whatever i do, i wont get a computer in February. Even if i go with the setup that i did not order, i wont get it in February. It seems i made the mistake to order it to late (in December, when your shop stated delivery in January…) And if i read between the lines of you support Mail, because of that reason i could get my laptop maybe evene later than March! great!!!

As i wrote here and to you Support, THIS IS NOT A TOY, i need a laptop for work as a Journalist. So i asked for a refund, not possible. Only when my laptop would be ready to ship, and you cant tell me when this would be the case. So i even cant buy me a nother Laptop from a nother company that can ship its machine despite the pandemic. So im stuck with nothing! thank you Purism. Thx a lot! Your business dealings are close to fraud. And you can be sure, that i wont recomend anything from your company to anyone.

We’ve seen negative reactions like yours, on this forum, over and over again.

And Purism seems to be incapable to understand what they are doing wrong. And they continue making dissatisfied and angry customers. It’s getting absurd.

Purism could simply avoid that by:

  • write a note on the product shop page about the risk of delays and that funds are used to make the product so refunds are not possible at any time
  • include a ‘Status of the product’ section into the current idealized product pages. Show the real status so people know what they are buying. Librem 5 is the worst regarding that.

Agreed, it they would have been that honest, i would not have wasted my time and money on this. Now i am stuck without a fesable option. And that is why i feel that Librems business is close to Fraud…