New Post: Librem 5 4500mAh Battery Upgrade

So maybe the problem is with marketing, not with Linux? And who is marketing Linux this way?

And I’m thinking that it is possible to swap the batteries without powering off the phone just by plugging in the charger during the swap…


Yes, it is possible. You can even power the whole phone entirely from powerful enough charger with no battery at all.


I would only recommend getting a spare battery if this basically is how you intend to use the phone i.e. keep a spare fully-charged battery at all times and when the installed battery is almost empty, swap to the spare - so you double the number of hours that you can operate for.

However I wasn’t clear on whether there is any easy way of charging a battery outside of the phone i.e. a standalone charger.

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Librem 5: baby seals quiver in fear! :joy:

i’m having a hard time figuring out if i’ll need to plug it in the UPS or not …

where i am currently located, the electrical grid is unstable sometimes. what built-in electrical protections does the L5 have if, for instance, one were to NOT plug it in the UPS when in convergence mode ?

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Whatever protection it has will not be on par with a UPS, I would guess. So use the UPS if you have to protect your appliances against the grid.


yes. that, and the fact that this IS an expensive appliance !

I too was wondering about this. If someone buys a secondary battery, how would it get charged? I certainly don’t want to use the phone as a charger.


Those are two rather important pieces of information from use perspective. Should be made know in the official FAQ and manual (if not already).

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I would buy a spare battery, and I recommend everyone to do that because:

  • free shipping as it would come with the pre-ordered package.
  • only Purism make them
  • easy swapping
  • fast charging affects the batteries, having two of them helps prolonging their life
  • convenience having a spare fully-charged battery around
  • it’s not that expensive… I guess

@Kyle_Rankin, can we pre-order the spare battery (and other accesories) so to be sure you have them on stock at the moment our phone’s shipping time arrives? It can give you an idea of your stock needs too.


Yes, here:

In the shipping confirmation email we are sending out, we also point people to that page and if they placed an order for accessories we ask them to share the order # with us so we can link the two orders together and ship them at the same time.


But will it work for Europe? AFAIK I cannot order a battery from the US, right?

So, if I got it right then I order the battery now and pay for the shipping. Purism will not ship my order as yet.
When I receive my Librem 5 order confirmation email, I mention my order number for the battery, my Librem 5 and battery orders will be combined into one package and shipped. Purism will then revert back the shipping payment I make for the battery order.

Did I get everything right?


Yes! That’s exactly right. Just to prevent any confusion it probably also wouldn’t hurt if you mentioned in the order comments field that you’d like this to ship with your Librem 5 order.


Will there be or does somebody make a compatible standalone charger?

$50 shipping cost to Romania for one battery. Auch!.. If I add to the cart also an SD card the shipping cost become $64. Even if these money are returned to me, the non-negligible currency conversion costs and possible lock on this sum for a few months until my phone ships make me not to pre-order now the accessories.

Maybe this process can be simplified… like using special coupons on order, or a special shipping item… Or maybe it just not worth the trouble.

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No, the request was for a standalone charger - so that you can charge a spare battery outside of the phone.

Don’t place your accessories order until you receive your “pre-shipping email”. Then there should not be months of elapsed time, perhaps only a week or two of elapsed time.

The rules vary from country to country, parcel carrier to parcel carrier - so do you research - but … you should get away with ordering a spare battery with your phone. The phone obviously has a battery inside it - and the rules typically compromise to allow you to ship a battery if it’s inside a phone, even though whatever risk of spontaneous combustion is there probably still exists. If the rules didn’t make that compromise then it would near impossible to order a phone (or a laptop or …) from overseas.

Perhaps Purism needs to engineer an ultra-cheap, mockup phone that is devoid of components - in which to ship spare batteries. :rofl:

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taxidermy … only for digital devices :joy: what a great idea