New Post: Librem 5 File Transfer

Need to access your phone files? Use a USB flash drive, USB cable, or transfer over WiFi, securely and quickly:


That’s actually great compared to Android or iOS!!


When will this be installable via the pureos store? I can’t find it there at present.

Why do we need this if we have SSH over Wifi or USB tethering to any Linux or FreeBSD laptop?

Because options are good.


Could be wrong, but this seems to be a nice simple when I want to share x file, with someone near me. Thus I start this up, share it for a brief time, then it stops being shared when I close it.

Only thing to make this better would be to allow the program to show a QR code that the other phone could parse to just get the download location of said file making the transfer really simple.

Granted, I haven’t tested it, and thus could be wrong about how this works.

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That would be simple to do if the phones are on the same wifi network with qrencode.
qrencode -o url.png '<url>'

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Parts like Jumpdrive I believe will end up in the PureOS store. To test out the app in the video run the following:


Sounds good,
I guess I’m mostly just confused about why it’s being offered as something to install in your local homedir instead of being put up on the librem store and being installed as a system application. As this appears to come from purism, it would seem logical to put it into the purism store for normal download (at some point). Then it can receive any updates for bugs or features requests through the normal update channel instead of us needing to manually update the git repo.

I do appreciate you doing the work to make this happen.

The qr code suggestion was more of a not so subtle feature request. As no one’s going to be impressed by me trying to type that on the command line to offer up the url to them (would likely take less time for them to just type it in on their phone).