New Post: Librem 5 News Summary: April 2021

i guess that is why it’s called post-processing :wink:

the BEST way to work with HDR images is to shoot RAW and/or take multiple still images @ different EVs and then have them brought into a program that can batch/process/edit them. this is what the best part of Photography is about IMO … and before that there is always the developer with the source-code :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Excerpt from

"He added that most consumer products have extended supply chains and “we haven’t started to see the impact” of the chip shortage in some areas. “If Apple builds a new phone today, they may not ship until end of the year,” said Priestley.

"Meanwhile, the issue in the automotive industry is being compounded because the car manufacturers don’t use the most advanced — or bleeding edge — chips, according to Priestley.

“They tend to use chips that are made on older manufacturing processes and the chip companies are obviously moving towards using the higher-revenue bleeding edge products, and they’re not investing in your capacity on the older processes,” he said."

This last paragraph directly speaks to the shortage of the L5 processor, which uses a relatively long-in-tooth 28 nm process technology.


From the data sheet (courtesy of the FAQ):

The embedded FW supports all the GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo,
BeiDou and QZSS). The user can select what the application needs by FW configuration,
by default GPS+GLONASS are selected.

It also notes that “GLONASS and BeiDou are mutually exclusive”.

So if you want to limit yourself to one specific constellation, that should work.

Of course this is the capability of the chip. It says nothing about the readiness of the device driver to set the constellation, or of the GUI to offer that configuration in turn.

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