New Post: Librem 5 News Summary: February 2021

[Note that this is the summary we send out monthly to Librem 5 backers who have not yet received their phone, unless they opted out after the first email. Also this thread is intended to be a discussion area for the topics covered in the blog post so please try to keep the discussion on topic.]

Steady Progress

February was a month of strong and steady progress behind the scenes from operational improvements to a lot more code written and released. Each week we ship an increasing number of Librem 5s out to backers. We also continue to work to locate and expedite more i.MX 8M CPU supply for future Librem 5s—the industry has an overall shortage of components—and as we get firm dates for those secured CPU supplies we intend on sending out shipping estimates to Librem 5 backers.

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Not a backer but am interested in clarification on the CPU shortage - in a past update/blog Purism warned about the potential for this to cause a delay.

With this Summary now does this mean there is indeed a delay or is the company still operating under the premise that they have enough but are letting people know in advance so not to create false expectations?

Due to a number of factors we explain in this longer blog post, including a potential CPU supply chain issue, we could only generate shipping estimates for some pre-orders.

What does this mean for you? Based on our efforts thus far there’s a good chance it will not affect your shipping time as we continue to track down new CPU supplies and plan for future manufacturing runs. So far it hasn’t caused a delay.

It’s this.

People have asked us to give them as much info as we have, so when we heard of a looming risk of CPU shortage we posted that possibility in advance in case it has an impact later, because it did have an impact on our ability to predict shipping for everyone. If it ends up impacting future shipping we’ll, of course, post another update.


Thanks Kyle I appreciate it!

When the CPU shortage is over, will we be looking ahead to a multi-processor Librem 5?

I think this is not the right topic for that as it has been stated multiple times that the news postings are only for discussing the things mentioned in the post. :stuck_out_tongue: But even though, multi processor seems kind of weird to me. Multi core is the way to go, we already have that and choosing a CPU for a new model has other priorities like finding one which works without proprietary software/firmware, etc.

@Kyle_Rankin Do you expect the FCC certification this month?

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