New Post: Librem 5 Product Report and Roadmap for 2023

Saw this new post in purism’s news. Looks interesting, I like that purism is sharing their plans for 2023. I do kinda wish there were high level milestones or something on the gitlab instance. Though I expect that if they did that it would risk people holding them to it, and make them harder to change their minds on things.

All of the things mentioned that will be worked on look like a good path forward. Very curious to see what “PureOS Crimson” will give us. I am curious what is ment by improve the music experience, as lollypop seems to work pretty well for me since they fixed the modem reset issue.

Also curious at what point Purism will start attacking the list of apps in the “Fund Your App” page.


I liked very much the @francois-techene post! i can not wait for --PureOS> Crimson.
francois-techene you are the best!
Purism :rocket:

Edited: i like Epiphany browser THAN Firefox on my Librem 5 for some reason and i am using the last version of epiphany flatpacked and work amazing, the good motion and booost is feeeling…

Edited1: i would like Offline SMS Encripted for Librem 5 so in the way we will continue encripted conversations without internet in CHATTY


I don’t know of course but I would think that the question mostly goes to what the changes are between the underlying Debian versions, which in turn depends on the changes between the relevant package versions that are included in the Debian versions, including the kernel versions.

I really hope that Byzantium to Crimson is an in-place upgrade rather than a reflash-and-reestablish.

Me too.

It’s all moving in the right direction. I believe that one day the Librem 5 will be polished, reliable and simple to use. To misquote a certain JFK … I chose to support this project not because it was easy but because it was hard.

One thing not mentioned in the roadmap is VoLTE. As more and more carriers in more and more countries will make VoLTE mandatory over the coming few years (3G / 2G switched off), VoLTE needs to “just work”, everywhere, out-of-the-box.


The Roadmap does not mention the L11 tablet. The word “Tablets” only appears in the Tags section of the page.

I interpreted this report and roadmap to be talking exclusively about the Librem 5.

As the Librem 11 hasn’t even been announced yet (it has only been pre-announced), I wouldn’t expect a report or roadmap for it yet.

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Crimson? When?!

Well Debian Bookworm is due to be released 10th June so I’d imagine Crimson will be a month or two after that.


There’s no release date for crimson set. It will be ready when it’s ready.


Can’t wait!

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The linguistic contortions we put ourselves through these days! :rofl:



In fairness to Purism, those are not Purism’s words. Those are my words.

The exact quote from Purism is

We are behind the scenes working on a […] Librem 11 tablet to be announced in the coming months

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I think that except from Signal the top 5 is kind of covered. Signal does maybe not fit very well in the Purism philosophy of decentralized communication. However, I think better Signal support is very important because many people used Signal already on their previous phone. I use Signal Desktop on the Librem 5, and have my old Android with the primary Signal app where I registered with, which is for now acceptable to me. It would be great if some Signal Desktop usability issues would be fixed by Purism in cooperation with Signal.


Wow Purism is working in this feature already.

Purism Take My Money Please Please Please Take it Take it Take it

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Originally it was listed October 8th, 2021, but then it was delisted from the front page after July 6th, 2022.

It still exists to this day, but Purism really messed up the description within the HTML head element.