New Post: Librem-EC 1.11

Librem-EC 1.11 for the Librem 14 laptop includes several improvements targeting device stability and reliability. As with our previous posts on the EC, it has been quite an adventure investigating corner cases! Update to this release with our update instructions, and as always the source code is available.

Read the rest of Jonathon’s post here:


I appreciate your collective pursuit of improvement. It seems very straight forward but I must ask for the sake of due diligence - are there any special considerations for us QubesOS users? Thanks.


Many thanks for improving the EC and explaining in detail what you are doing :slight_smile:

To nitpick a bit, one thing should be improved in the instructions:

Download the ISO called Librem_14_EC_Update_stable from […]

should instead say

Download the fle called Librem_14_EC_Update.iso from […]

because there is no “stable” in the name.

That said, as someone else already suggested here it would be nice to include version numbers in that file name.

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I do not believe there is any impact one way or the other for Qubes users, this should be independent from what underlying distribution you are using.


on that note: Checksums and maybe even signed hashes, if you find the time, although i probably should built it myself then. (:

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Thanks for catching this, that was an older version of the instructions. The link has been updated to the current version:

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I would also like that. But given that it is in a git repository, that is basically already available :smiley_cat: Instead of downloading a single file you could (shallow) clone the repository. The commits are also PGP-signed by Jonathon Hall, such as this one which was the last to modify the update .iso as of now: