New Post: Mobile/Desktop Convergence

We recently created a short commercial-style video highlighting the convergence features on the Librem 5, and François wrote a post talking about some of the background in filming such a commercial in a COVID-19 world. Bonus: new short video showing desktop music player convergence.

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Nicely done! I notice on desktop that Lollypop can get pretty CPU intensive when initially cataloging a large library. Do we know if Lollypop will get any kind of granular control on when and what it indexes, etc.? I’m not really asking Purism, as they aren’t the developer, just kind of throwing this out to the ether.

Loved the second video showing the dragging of the application to the phone screen. I didn’t realize the convergence software would essentially make the phone screen and desktop monitor act as two separate monitors connected to the same computer. Real cool demo!


How do you do the reverse? from L5 screen to 24" screen?

Same way. You can also use a keyboard shortcut: Super+Shift+Arrow.

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Sweet! Beautiful!

It is just like moving something between two monitors. That is because that is exactly what this is. :+1:

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