New Post: Prepping Your Computers For an Internet Outage


This will take a while to complete.

Master of the understatement (on my internet connection).

Can you get apt-mirror to limit its bandwidth usage?
Can you get apt-mirror to schedule its quota usage?

Apache is web server software we will use to host this mirror over HTTP.

Rando question: What HTTP features on the server are required for apt as a client to work? (As a hypothetical if one were going to use a web server other than Apache.)


I’m not sure what “software respecting” means, but .NET makes jellyfin a no go for me. Been thinking about mpd or vlc, but haven’t installed one yet.

Odd how Micro$soft is making their new O/S internet dependent. Oh the irony!

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Good question. Perhaps intended to be “freedom-respecting software” (which text occurs earlier in the post).

I respect software…as long as it respects me back. :smiley_cat:


Is it true that Jellyfin uses .NET?

There is the “Portable” version that does indeed claim to use .NET but do the versions specifically for e.g. Debian / Ubuntu / Arch / Fedora / CentOS also use .NET?

Digressing: Has anyone tried to run a portable .NET application on the Librem 5?

Along the lines of the same basic idea, I tried some months ago to copy some Java (.jar) files over to the Librem 5. On x86 computers and on a Pi they work flawlessly but on the Librem 5 I had mixed success.

That’s what they claim, “Jellyfin is descended from Emby’s 3.5.2 release and ported to the .NET Core framework”, and their source, which is on Microsoft GitHub of course, has .cs files.

IIRC there was a way to create an apt mirror with aria2 as downloader. Maybe that helps. Although I don’t remember if aria2 was used to to copy the packets to the mirror or if it was only used between a client and the mirror.