New Post: Preventing Fragmentation with the Librem 5

I just wrote a new post that expresses my thoughts about the massive problem of fragmentation we have in computer software today, and why our use of PureOS on the Librem 5 helps prevent it going forward.

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I just read this, good article. I would say that most of the information in it I had gleaned from hanging around here the last couple of years, but it was useful to see it all in one place, and tied together logically.

What I like BEST, though, is that it flips the “convergence” argument on it’s head (same argument, different perspective), and gives me a reason to care about it. I first heard “convergence” from Apple, so I assumed it’s a combination of making things look slicker and trying to pen-in the consumer and make more money. When I then hear Todd talking about it, I’m thinking “this is just him wanting to look like Apple” because, well, he’s clearly got a massive love/hate thing going with them (like many of us, to be fair :wink:). “Preventing fragmentation” is a much better presentation of the argument from a developer/consumer point of view, though, because one sees how much effort can be saved. So yeah.


As a developer of a desktop application, I have now lost the little desire I had to one day do an Android port. Why bother if I can make it usable on a Librem 5 or Raspberry Pi with a cheap little touchscreen (which users are already doing even though the design hasn’t considered that use case at all).

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Thanks, Kyle. I love the video: