New Post: Purism at Berlin Mini GUADEC

GUADEC is the main yearly GNOME conference, where developers, designers, and other community members gather in one place to watch talks, hack on new features, and plan for the future. Given Purism’s close involvement with GNOME development we used to attend GUADEC as a team before COVID, but of course in the past two years it was remote due to the pandemic.

While online conferences are better than nothing, they’re really not the same thing. That’s why last year a few local GNOME people based in and around Berlin got together in person to watch the remote event and do some hacking, which ended up being very fun and productive. So when we learned that this year’s GUADEC would be in Guadalajara, Mexico we decided to repeat last year’s experiment. Flying to Mexico for a week in the middle of a climate emergency is really not great, especially given that there’s a pretty large local community in Berlin itself and several more people who live relatively close by in central Europe.

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Thank you! I apologize for the mistake.

Please please please if anyone wants to pursue this … fork the topic.

Let’s keep this topic for things happening in Gnome, particularly Gnome on mobile devices.

Fine, I’ll just delete that. I suppose it doesn’t fit within the categories.

If I knew it in advance, I could have dropped by.

Can people buy batteries for Purism devices, if they happen to be at the site?

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Like traveling salesmen? Forget batteries - ask for signature on the phone.

Seriously, though, the mentions of new software developments and fixes are just what I want to hear - more, please!

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