New Post: Purism Leads in USA-Made Phones

There is a new blog article from Purism.


On top of the “Made in USA Electronics” decal on my Liberty Phone, I always place a large square electronic brick labeled “Made in China” that we call the “battery.”

Seems a bit unfortunate to buy a Made in USA Electronics device only to have the removable part that I can take out and look at be made in China.

Does anyone know if there are any USA manufacturers making Liberty Phone batteries so I could eliminate the “Made in China” part of my supposed made in USA device?

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Remove the battery then.


It is Ridiculous to mention that it is made in the US or USA, it could be FANCY made in Purism, Factory or. Because not all people live USA, not all people care USA, etc…
“Liberty Phone” and “Open Source” Sound very very Cheaper IMHO.