New Post: Reflashing the Librem 5

Good point :slight_smile: Yes, it works.

So do I understand correctly that when you try to put it into flash mode, it just boots normally instead?

No, the l5 does not start at all. Unfortunately, nothing happens without a battery.

I have already reset the L5 three times, which has not been a problem so far. Only this time I’m out of luck :slight_smile:

So: connect the phone via USB to your PC while it’s on, turn the phone off, hold volume-up, press the power button for a second, release volume-up. The phone should then show up in flashing mode in your dmesg/lsusb.


Ok, that helped!!

I had to press “Volume-Up” and “Power” for several seconds. Then the L5 responded and booted - but with a green status LED and not, as expected, a red one. But the flash script starts to flash the L5

@dos Many thanks !!

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I hope that the final re-installation process for Evergreen is easy. I learned years ago that I can never learn much about installing and configuring software until after I can own the OS installation process also. If you live in fear of damaging the OS, you never learn much. All of your effort goes in to preserving the OS when you should be breaking many things many times over (including the OS) and re-installing the OS many times until you eventually know everything and can do what you need to do without breaking anything.

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Battery in or out?

Battery was in.

I don’t know. Maybe the documentation isn’t quite right. I think the main thing is that on the host if you do lsusb then the Librem 5 shows up as

Bus 999 Device 999: ID 1fc9:012b NXP Semiconductors i.MX 8M Dual/8M QuadLite/8M Quad Serial Downloader

where obviously the bus number and device number will be different on your host computer and obviously I am assuming that the host computer is running Linux.

Yup, there’s no other kind of feedback expected until uuu actually starts to boot u-boot over USB, at which point the green LED shines up (and the vibration motor does a short pulse with recent u-boots).

The red LED may shine up as well, but that’s completely unrelated to the flashing mode (it’s handled by the charging controller), and may not shine up for several reasons (for instance, when the battery is full).