New Post: Sneak Peek of the Next PureOS Release on the Librem 5

Check out the upcoming release of PureOS:


This seems to become a really neat release. Many useful and long requested things are coming up. Thanks to all involved people!

I guess after there is a preinstalled working camera app (which shouldn’t take too lomg from now, seeing the latest progress on camera support) nearly all critics’ arguments on the phone are fading away…


This looks really slick, great job David. I noticed it’s using GNOME Maps. Any reason to use this vs. Pure Maps? Is one working better than the other, or does one have better features?

Edit: I see that PureMaps is indeed having some issues running.

Yes, the ability to launch KDE on the external monitor is really nice, and above what I expected. That way, I do not have to shutdown Phosh on the phone’s screen. I have used Trinity Desktop Environment for a while, is a fork of KDE 3 because Linux distributions switched to KDE 4 before reaching feature parity. Hopefully modern KDE has had a chance to catch up to its past.

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Seems interesting,
How far off is “around the corner?” weeks? months? Next year?


Yes how long to wait for Byzantium to arrive for L5? @guido.gunther

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Packaging pure-maps for Debian is a bit tricky, as it has not been done before, and it is not quite straightforward due to the dependencies (which also have not yet been packaged). I think I am the first to ever produce .deb files that make the installation of pure-maps on Debian possible (when not locally compiling the source directly).

Details and links to my .debs are here: HOWTO: Get pure-maps navigation running on byzantium


Is the new file manager Portfolio? I’ve been using that on the PinePhone and it’s really good.

Adaptive nautilus.


awesome, this means I’ll be able to access WebDAV mounts


That’s excellent because the lack of a nicely fitting file manager is keenly felt at the moment.

An assumption perhaps? I hope so too though as I have some WebDAV stuff. Then there are other virtual file systems that I would hope for support for (e.g. sftp). We can live in hope, right?

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yes, it’s an assumption. In the video of the announcement you can see at 1:15 the nautilus sidebar with bookmarks and mounted (remote) drives. When you create a Nextcloud account with GOA it automatically creates a WebDAV bookmark in nautilus :slight_smile:

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Just to emphasize the topic of convergence. You can download a copy of PureOS byzantium *.iso image and test out yourselves the newer versions of applications that will be available on the Librem 5, because, like the video says: convergence.

So if you wanna have a sneak peek at adaptive Nautilus, the terminal (kgx), Image Viewer that fits the Librem 5 screen, you can just spin a VM with PureOS Byzantium ISO image:

Please update the image when you spin it up :wink:


can we expect an update to the * byzantium *.iso image soon(ish) ? gedit and nautilus broke for me with the last updates this week … luckily emacs … on LMini

I believe that is being worked on