New Post: To Be Free or Not to Be Free- PureOS vs. Android OS, Apple iOS, and MS Windows

@rexmlee has written a new blog article for Purism.


That article would have benefited from a teency, weency bit of proofreading. :slight_smile:


Dear FranklyFlawless Thanks for sharing the Post, however there are Evil and Mess thing on Post.

Dear @francois-techene when will you make a new Good Post?

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All I care about in my role is removing the Matomo Campaign Tracking. I cannot control nor influence the quality of the blog article itself.


It seems almost slightly disingenuous to me to say that there are no problems of security on the Librem 5. I really like the Librem 5 and I’m having a great time of it, but I’m sure somewhere there are some predaceous world governments looking for zero day vulnerabilities in the Librem 5, and so I think we are wise to do our software updates frequently.

Case in point, I was clicking on the url bar for this page and for a moment it seemed to change to “” or something, then jitter back to “” and I’m not really sure what I just saw but it’s late and I’m going to have to sleep on it.

This article glosses over the fact that by putting me, the user, in control it means I could go infect the device with some crap and the surveillance third party won’t save me. In practice, that’s probably a worthwhile trade-off with how off the rails society is going. Like I said, I still agree with the sentiment of the article. But it might be worth it to mention that it exists nonetheless.

If the goal was technical accuracy I would agree with you.

However all posts I have seen from @rexmlee have been marketing puff pieces and as such their goal is not being technical but being advertising material.

Rex also does not reply to any of the posts on the forum that link to any of his articles and as such this type of feedback may not even be seen by him and previous similar feedback appears to have gone without being acknowledged.

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I think it is making a distinction between intentionally engineered security failure (such as you get with surveillance capitalism when it is built in to the core of the device) and unintentionally engineered security failure (such as you get from time to time with all operating systems, including Linux).