New Post: Where is My Librem 5? Part 2

Earlier this year I wrote a post titled Where is My Librem 5? where I went into detail about some of the challenges (in particular in the supply chain) that we faced in making the mass-produced Librem 5. If you haven’t yet read that article, I highly recommend it so you have more background on our Librem 5 production challenges. Understanding that will help you understand this post better.

The main purpose of that article was to give a general status report on where we are, and where we intended to go to finish shipping everyone their Librem 5. In particular I identified three different production batches (E3, E4, and E5) that were necessary to complete all outstanding orders, and shared our internal goal to try to fulfill all of the orders by the end of the year. While we haven’t met that goal in that time frame, many people have received their Librem 5, and we are well on our way. In this post I will give an update on where we are currently and what the next few months will look like for Librem 5 fulfillment.

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Thank you for the update and I hope everyone on the Purism team has a wonderful holiday.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: I’m now in batch E-3 (ordered March 2019). Looks like I’m getting close, and may get an early birthday present!


Does SIMple provide 4GB/month or 5GB/month?

The post says 5, but both pages referenced in the post say 4.


Thank you! It is 4GB. I must have made a mistake when writing the post. I will correct that now.


Thanks for the update. My phone is so close I’ve started buying accessories for it (new SD card, NexDock 360 soon).

Question - what exactly is meant by a “Production Run”? If I am in E4, does that mean my phone is assembled? Or does this just mean the parts are acquired or something?

we have completed that production run! Once we ship the remaining E3 orders we will move directly on to shipping orders from the E4 batch

That either means they already arrived or Kyle is confident they’ll not get stuck in the Panama canal or something.

I wanted to Thank Kyle here for his specific recent status updates. I am expecting my Librem 5 to be somewhat early in the E4 batch.

Although I have shown quite a bit of dis-satisfaction on this forum with respect to the long wait. Purism deserves positive credit also when they do things correctly. The recent postings from others who have recently received their Librem 5 has been encouraging.


While there were multiple announcements about L5 production runs, the lead time in a table under every one of them was stuck on 52 weeks. Now it says 20 weeks. That is a real progress sign!