New Post: Why Librem Tunnel is Leaving iOS

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When we launched Librem One almost two years ago, the goal was to provide a convenient and privacy-respecting suite of services running on open platforms as an alternative to Big Tech platforms. The service launched with Librem Chat, Librem Social, Librem Mail, and Librem Tunnel. We feel everyone deserves privacy and we are not a fan of vendor lock-in, so when we launched, we provided free software Librem One applications for Android and iOS so customers on those platforms could join the party. Recently we’ve been forced to remove Librem Tunnel from iOS due to their unfair policies and in this post we’ll explain why.

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Correct move and very good that you explain it to prevent any rumors.

I know that there is already regulation planned to break the monopoly of phone manufacturers only allowing their own store, which could help competition and the free market to get back to mobile phones.


Good call.

No complaints from me. I for one am done giving Apple any of my money and would be upset to know they were getting part of my Librem One subscription. Thank you Purism for standing on principle.


I hope you (Purism) will be making a submission to Congress.


30% ??? holy $H!7 !!! that’s more than a quarter !!! good riddance …

Discussion on Hacker News:

It was also on slashdot the other day. It has been a long time since slashdot was popular. There used be a thing called the “slashdot effect” that caused websites to be overwhelmed with traffic if you put one of their links on their discussion forums. I guess now that effect goes to facebook.