New Post: Working with the Librem 14

@francois-techene has written a new blog post for Purism.


That might be the best blog post in a long time.


By saying might, that means it is not; no doubt means the quality is undisputed.

Or that I’m hedging against how long a reader interprets “long time” to be :wink:

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I do not see time as relevant to the quality of a blog post if it did not fully resonate to the reader.

The reader of my first post not the reader of the blog post.

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Thank you for sharing the blog post @FranklyFlawless ! It is still not about software updates but I wanted to share a few words about this journey in making a challenging video project (I mean challenging for me at least! :slight_smile: ).

Aside from working with the Librem 14, I am amazed about how creative free software like Blender, Krita or Kdenlive have become so professional in the last few years. Blender is even taking over the best software in the 3D graphics industry and I doubt anyone can stop that. At least for once, Autodesk won’t be able to buy their license! I am pretty sure many others will follow.