New Product, Librem Router?

Curious if ever considered making a librem router? Not neccessarily running PureOS, but the hardware with Coreboot? Good for something like pfsense or OPNSense.

Looks like someone else is already doing something similar with a router called Protectli ( that can run Coreboot.

Maybe another revenue source and maybe not too risky to create the hardware if you’re already making the Mini/Librem with similar CPU in them.


It has been considered by Purism customers. :wink:

You really want a router (a true router) with two ethernet ports and the Mini does not have that, I believe - but similar hardware, sure.

I guess that Purism might have their hands full right now but it is definitely something to consider for the future.


Well, you can attach a 2nd gbit Ethernet via one of the USB3 ports on the Mini which gives you pretty much the same performance as a physical gbit port.

And yes, we heard that wish loud and clear and it gets rolled into our future product plans… :wink: